Tooth treatment
and repair

Tooth treatment/repair is the most common reason for visiting the dentist. Although this procedure is not a favorite among patients, it does not have to be stressful or painful at all.
Depending on the specific problems the patient has, the steps and procedures during the treatment will differ.

By tooth treatment/repair in a broader sense, we mean the following:

Therapy of caries and non-carious lesions

Treatment of teeth in most cases involves treatment of caries or non-carious dental lesions.

Caries treatment

Caries is a bacterial infection that affects teeth by demineralizing them and weakening their hard parts. First, the enamel is threatened, and then, if it is not treated, it advances and caries attacks the dental pulp as well.
Caries treatment must be carried out as soon as possible.
If caries is detected at an early stage, the tooth will be easily repaired. On the other hand, the longer you delay the repair, the more likely it is that you will need the root canal treatment or the tooth extraction.
Actual treatment steps will depend on many factors, so it is best to talk to a dentist you trust if you need caries treatment.

Treatment of non-carious dental lesions

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth problems. However, tooth can also be damaged mechanically or due to certain substances.

Attrition. Attrition is quite common and occurs when the teeth of the upper and lower jaw are in contact.
Attrition is something that cannot be avoided even when everything is fine with the bite and the teeth. In that case the tooth wear is a normal phenomenon and the consequences do not cause a problem.
On the other hand, pathological attrition occurs when the contact between the upper and lower teeth is too strong due to some tooth or jaw anomalies, as well as bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep).

Erosion. When the appearance and health of teeth are affected by certain electrolytic or chemical factors, we call it tooth erosion.
Fruit juices, drinks with phosphoric and citric acid, medicines, stomach acid can have a negative effect on the tooth structure due to their chemical composition.

Abfraction. This non-carious lesion occurs in the neck of the tooth and is wedge-shaped. It occurs due to improper pressure on the tooth, which can be caused by improper tooth position, poor prosthetic restorations, or premature tooth loss.

Replacement of inadequate fillings

Fillings play an important role in tooth repair, thanks to them, it is possible to replace a part of the tooth that is damaged by caries, erosion or some other cause.
The materials used in modern dentistry are getting better, so today, after a well-done placement of the filling, the difference between it and the tooth itself is almost invisible.
However, even when the fillings are made of the best materials, they are not eternal and it is possible that at some point a replacement will be necessary.
The quality of the filling material plays a big role in how long it will last, but the behavior and habits of the patient cannot be ignored.
Contact your dentist if you notice that the filling has sharp parts, as this means that it is chipped. In addition, it may also happen that part of the filling falls off, which makes the damage more obvious. Finally, you should know that it is not unusual to even feel pain, because it may happen that caries managed to penetrate under it.

Tooth hypersensitivity therapy

Dentine hypersensitivity or hypersensitive teeth are not something to be ignored, even if at first glance your teeth appear to be healthy.
Teeth can be extremely sensitive to food, hot-cold and similar stimuli from the external environment.

This sensitivity can occur for various reasons:
• Loss of enamel
• Tooth erosion due to acidic foods
• Receding gums
• Bad brushing technique

Tooth sensitivity cannot disappear on its own. That is why the intervention of a dentist is necessary to help the patient live without pain.
If you need a tooth repair service, don't delay, call us and we will help you get rid of the pain.

Price list

Composite filling
3000-5000 RSD
Amalgam filling
3000-3500 RSD
Tooth hypersenitivity treatment
2000 RSD
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