Teeth whitening is a procedure that can restore lost whiteness to your teeth or give you the whiteness you've always wanted.

Tooth color does not stay the same throughout your life. As a person ages, teeth naturally become darker. Furthermore, everything you eat and drink affects the color as well. Drinking colored juices, alcohol, coffee, and especially smoking will leave a mark on your teeth.
Many people have naturally yellowish teeth, they don't like that and it makes them feel insecure. If you want to have a brighter and more striking smile, teeth whitening can help you do that.

The procedure itself is neither painful nor unpleasant, and the procedure can be repeated until the desired color is achieved.
Before teeth whitening, the dentist always first examines all the teeth and checks that they are all healthy and that all fillings are in good condition. The removal of tartar and polishing come afterwards, so that the surface is ready for the next steps.
Special attention is paid to protecting the gums, so you don't need to worry about that.
After that, the dentist applies a special whitening gel to the teeth.
If you have fillings and crowns in visible places, you should know that the gel will not affect them, so they need to be replaced in order to be the same color as your teeth.
The whitening results are visible even after the first treatment.
If you are preparing for this step or have any doubts, make an appointment with us.

Price list

Extracoronal whitening
15000 RSD
Intracoronal whitening (per tooth)
5000 RSD
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