Endodontics -
Root canal treatment

Treatment of dental pulp (nerve) diseases is extremely important if we want to keep the tooth in the jaw as long as possible.

Patients do not always react well when they hear that it is necessary to do the root canal treatment, but nowadays there is really no need for any fear, because the treatment is carried out under anesthesia. There is no difference between caries removal and tooth filling and the root canal treatment when we talk about pain and discomfort, in fact there will be no pain and discomfort, because both processes are carried out under anesthesia.

It often happens that during the check-up, the dentist realizes on the basis of dental imaging that there is a need for the root canal treatment. On the other hand, if we wait for the symptoms, and only then go to the dentist, the symptoms can be: pain or the appearance of a fistula (whitish pimple) on the gums above the tooth where the pulp is affected.
When the root treatment is completed, the dentist reconstructs the crown of the tooth using fillings or prosthetic restorations (if the damage was extensive).
Often patients think that removing the nerve is a big problem for the tooth, but this is not true. The nerve is the most important during tooth eruption and development. After that, its main function is to respond to sensations: hot/cold and similar, but if you take it out, your tooth will not lose its function.
If you feel discomfort, suspect that you have this kind of problem or simply need a check-up, make an appointment with us.

Price list

Root canal treatment
4000-8500 RSD
Intersession medication
2000 RSD
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