Apart from the teeth, dentists are also interested in the tissues surrounding the teeth.
Problems with these tissues are also very common and require treatment.

Periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums, then the alveolar bone and the supporting tissues of the teeth. Untreated periodontitis leads to tooth loss.

The only way to slow down periodontitis and prevent the unwanted development of the disease is regular and persistent treatment.
Oral hygiene in patients with periodontitis is extremely important and necessary in order for the effects of the treatment to be seen at all.
When we talk about how a dentist can help in the fight against periodontitis, you should know that it is necessary to go regularly for plaque cleaning and tartar removal.
Root planing is recommended for patients with periodontal pockets.
More complicated situations require surgical intervention.
If necessary, you may be suggested a dental prosthetics to be made or replaced.

If you notice bleeding and receding gums or loose teeth, make an appointment with us.

Price list

Scaling and polishing teeth
3000 RSD
Root planing (per tooth)
1500 RSD
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